3 Days Of Design 2018 In Copenhagen, Denmark

We lucked out and happened to be in Copenhagen during the 3 Days of Design event. It’s Denmark’s Annual Design event and takes place in studios and storefronts across the city. We had personal studio tours and got to meet so many wonderful designers—what a treat! Woven baskets by Lillerod. Ceramics by Tina Marie. Colourful paint…

The Denmark Design Museum In Copenhagen, Denmark

Well gosh darn if this wasn’t a lovely place to visit, the Denmark Design Museum in Copenhagen. It had all my favourite things—ceramics, glass, textiles, fashion, furniture, and homewares. Thanks to Mumma Smalls for being patient with me as I combed this through place taking pictures of anything and everything ;).

Copenhagen, Denmark

Sigh. We’ve arrived at the last leg of our trip—Copenhagen, Denmark. What an adventure it’s been up to this point. And we still have three more days! In classic Smalley fashion, we walked till we dropped :).

Byggfabriken Hardware Store In Malmo, Sweden

Plot twist: Sweden has really cool hardware/home outfitter stores. Add that to the list of things I must see when I travel. I was drooling over everything, even the labels on the paint cans! This store is called Byggfabriken and it’s a short walk from the train station in Malmo, Sweden. P.S. Yes, I know these…