Adventures in Coffee (Because, What Else)

Photo evidence from a particularly wondrous stroll along Dundas West in Toronto last week. In which lots of coffee was drunk and many a dream was dreamed. (Studio/retail/event/??? space. That’s the dream.) Also, overheard at Balfour Books… “Oh, here it is, poetry to slit your wrists to. Someone was asking for this.” I love this city.

North Until You Meet Water

Today’s photo venture brought to you by the kind of low-grade anxiety that only a “north until you meet water” drive can cure. Thank you, Cook’s Bay. You never let me down.

Schomberg! Ya Pretty

On a scale of 1 to dream house, how off the charts is that first home. I mean, seriously. And are you seeing the little trinkets in the windows? These people are my kind of people. Took a wee jaunt out to Schomberg today to admire pretty and/or deteriorating things. You know, as one does.…

Preeceville, Saskatchewan

From Saskatoon we drove roughly three hours east to Preeceville, Saskatchewan. This is where my great-grandparents settled after immigrating, and where my Nana grew up. It’s movie set worthy, really. And I golden hour?! Forget it.