So who’s behind this thing, anyway?

That would be me, Kate Smalley. I’m a maker and marketer living in Toronto, Canada. I went to school for business and financial planning, and I currently work in the fintech industry where I’m trying my darndest to make financial services more accessible for creative small business owners.

Hobbies include knitting sweaters I don’t wear, listening to one song on repeat for hours at a time, and weeping silently at other people’s creative genius. Yep, that’s pretty much all you need to know. 😉

What is Tracing Threads?

Well, I’m still figuring that out. What started as a sporadically updated craft blog after finishing my undergrad in business (where I had completely abandoned my hands-on, creative self) has turned into something more for me. I can’t quite wrap it up in a bow just yet but, whatever it is, it feels like home.

It’s a place for me to discover my family’s creative history, to share my photo ventures, my mental health journey, and what I’m making. Basically, it’s a big fat exercise in creative expression. A place for me to explore the process.

Because process > outcome.