Dyeing With Avocado Pits

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Dyeing with avocado pits! What a fun, easy afternoon craft. Just what my quarantined heart was searching for ;).

I learned how to do natural dyeing from The Wild Woven Collection (check out my Instagram highlight from the workshop I took with them last year) and I’ve been stashing avocado pits in my freezer since. I had an old white tank top that was looking worse for wear and this Maiwa cotton scarf from the workshop that I decided to dye in an avocado bath.

There are all sorts of avocado dyeing tutorials online so I won’t bother writing out my steps here. This is good news for me, because I honestly didn’t measure or track what I did. The beauty of a forgiving craft!

Both the top and the scarf are 100% cotton, but they took the dye differently. I’m guessing that’s because, as we know, not all cotton fabrics are made or treated equally (chemicals, etc).

10/10 for a lazy Sunday afternoon craft. And as a way to give a second life to your stained white clothes and sheets.

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