Nooks Of Nurture, Nurture Fall 2019 Retreat

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Behold: Nooks of Nurture™️.⁣ Grateful to have finally experienced the magic that is a Nurture weekend. Grateful for the incredible group of women I got to share it with. Grateful to Sonja Seiler and Stephanie Pellett for creating this beautifully intentional space (like honestly, how) and to our facilitators Or Har-Gil, Kristiann Boos, and Priyanka Saju for designing and leading some seriously potent workshops. Grateful for the opportunity to slow down and the reminder to show up. ⁣⁣Grateful, day after day, for this community of creatives I find myself in.

If you’d like you’d like to learn more about Nurture and join the waitlist for the next retreat, visit Nurture’s website (warning: drool-worthy content ahead).

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