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VLOG: How To Be On Social Media Without Feeling Like Absolute Garbage

February 27, 2019

The fact that I thought I could do this video in under 10 minutes is, well, laughable. If we learned anything from my last YouTube video, it’s that I have a lot of thoughts FeeLinGs and OpiniOns*~ when it comes to social media.

This week we’re digging into how I’ve created social media sharing guidelines for myself, what those are, and what you should take into consideration when crafting your own. Social media boundaries are about so much more than limiting your time spent on these apps, it’s about paying attention to how your social media use affects your energy, focus, and outlook, and adjusting your behaviour accordingly.

Ready? Let’s go!

PRO TIP: If you watch this on the YouTube website/app you’ll be able to click on the timestamps in the description and get auto-magically taken to the part you want to watch.

0:00 SupEr enGaginG intro in which I tell you when/why I started experimenting with social media rules (boundaries?).

1:06 Why I have no desire to go full Cal Newport, but need to be seriously conscious about my social media usage lest my mental health drop off a cliff. (Was that the correct usage of lest? I don’t know??)

2:38 I want to live a higher quality online life. Mindful, conscious consumption and all that.

3:26 How knowing my personality and mental health triggers helped me figure out how to use social media in a way that works for me. What I consume is fuel. And I want to be pouring fuel on my creativity, not a shame spiral, ya know???

4:44 Your “problem” with social media isn’t how much time you’re spending on it, it’s how it’s affecting your energy, outlook, and focus (aka why those app usage reports don’t change your behaviour!!).

7:29 Enter: the social sharing survival rules I’ve created for myself, loosely based off the mental/physical health emergency guidebooks I’ve crafted for myself (more on this at some point it’s so useful!!)

10:27 Airplane mode at night! Leaving my phone in another room! Not touching it until after my morning routine! The one piece of advice everyone says that actually works for me.

12:31 I won’t apologize for how I show up—makeup, no makeup, crazy hair, great hair… whatever I don’t give a crap and I won’t apologize for it. It’s a) way too much work to pretend to be someone I’m not and b) I think us apologizing for how we show up makes others feel like they should, too. And no! NONE OF THAT.

14:20 We don’t need more white girls on Instagram calling themselves wEirD and QuirkY. So, I’ve pledged not to do that (lol).

14:19 Why I don’t use filters on my photos/stories.

15:42 Why I’ve given up on super curated photos/backgrounds. Just ain’t my bag, friends, and I refuse to believe you have to be good at flat lays to be good at Instagram.

17:10 My rules around sharing mental health and personal stuff online, and why you should never make your followers feel responsible for your wellbeing. THIS PART IS IMPORTANT. OMG. SO IMPORTANT.

21:07 I like to use Insta Stories to share…. actual stories…. so I don’t post as I go, I wait until the end of a day/experience and then craft a narrative around it. I also want to stay as present as possible when I’m out and about.

23:34 Last rule is I’m allowed to break/change/modify any of these rules at any time because they’re my rules not yours OK GREAT.

24:10 Advice if you’re setting your own rules! Think about time vs energy, contributing vs consuming, moderation vs abstaining, and changing behaviours that aren’t directly related to social media/your phone that end up changing your behaviour with social media/your phone.



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