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VLOG: Social Media Advice (A Rant??) For Creatives

February 13, 2019

Welcome back! To another YouTube video! In which I give you the social media advice you never asked for! YAY.

No growth hacks or step-by-step how-to guides. Just riffing on a few things, because I’ve been having conversations with creative entrepreneurs lately around how they “should” use social media (particularly Instagram) and I’m sensing… lots of guilt and overwhelm. So! Consider this your permission slip to stop caring about what everyone else is doing, and your reminder to get clear on what your social media accounts are for. The later will help with the former, promise ;)

This riff/rant is directed towards creatives who use social media to make money (either directly or indirectly) and/or to build a community/personal brand. This is directed at creatives who don’t have zillion followers but aren’t brand new to their platform of choice, either.

PRO TIP: If you watch this on the YouTube website/app you’ll be able to click on the timestamps in the description and get auto-magically taken to the part you want to watch.

00:50 On changing algorithms, and why (if you’re using social media to make money, or it’s closely related to how you get customers/clients/buyers) you can’t rely on any single app for your livelihood. You have no control over these platforms and your reach! YOU DON’T OK YOU ARE THE PRODUCT let it be knownnnn.

03:13 Getting clear on what your social media accounts are for (often not what you assume) and how they act as social proof for potential customers/clients/buyers/blah blah etc.

04:46 Following/unfollowing isn’t personal! IT’S NOT OMG. You don’t have to follow your friends! Your friends don’t have to follow you!

6:35 On taking risks where the stakes (aka follower count) are low, not waiting to show up, and why you shouldn’t “save” your good content for when you have more followers. Get it out there! It’s not a waste!

8:56 On follower count, why saying “NuMbeRs Don’T MattEr” doesn’t actually change your behaviour or thinking, and choosing metrics that actually matter to you.

10:30 Why losing followers is good! YES.

11:53 Why you should celebrate your tiny newsletter list. And a well placed…. “You only get an audience by caring about the one you already have”, platitude.

13:20 Thinking about how you can control the growth of your Instagram account, and how referral growth can be used as a vetting process (explaining my approach and why I don’t use hashtags).

16:04 On building something worth talking about and how we can totally tell when you’re following a script, aka someone else’s social media roadmap, and why that… doesn’t work long-term (in my opinion, at least).

17:46 Are you using social media to curate other peoples work/thoughts/opinion or YOUR work/throughs opinions? And why the motivational quotes you share don’t make me want to follow you.

19:17 The Art of Gathering and how that’s related to your social media account. Why have you gathered people here? What’s the purpose? Who is it for? Who are you willing to leave out? (Podcast I reference )

20:20 The difference between strategy and tactics, and why you shouldn’t give a crap about tactics/optimization until your strategy/why is nailed down! I’M SERIOUS. You need to play! That’s the only way you’ll find your unique hook.

23:39 Why you shouldn’t start out caring about optimization, why it’s good not to look/sound like everyone else, AND, grande finale, I share the one thing about social media that never changes *cue shock and awe*

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