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VLOG: To All The Knits I’ve Loved Before

January 17, 2019

Well, well, well. What do we have here.

If it isn’t… the year Kate heretofore nominated as the one she will give YouTube an honest go.

Let me be clear: this video is not “quality content”, and I sure as heck have a thing or two to learn about lighting and focus (and apparently sound the eff is that buzzing noise in the background I didn’t hear that until I exported?!), but perhaps it can serve as something to keep you company as you knit, or make dinner, or whatnot.

Thanks for your patience while I learn :)

In this video, I’m walking you through (most) of the knits I’ve made for myself over the last 9 years. I wanted to reflect on what I’ve made and talk about whether I actually wear them or not (and why) and what I’ve learned about picking yarn and pattern styles. Because I’m doing this new thing where I try to…. make stuff I’ll actually wear. Revolutionary!

[00;49] Knit Circle Scarf (self-drafted pattern)

[02;10]  Grey Sweater. I apparently don’t have a post or Ravelry project for this one, but the pattern is Dusk by Martin Storey and the yarn I used was Rowan Alpaca Cotton.

[4;18] Green Sweater

[5;55] Simcoe Braided Headband

[6;58] Wool and the Gang Zion Hat

[7;53] Spruce Forest Lace Shawl. Fun update! I have been wearing this more since filming. It’s lovely and warm in these Canadian winters :)

[8;45] Tunisian Crochet Neckwarmer (self-drafted pattern). I also wore this one out right after filming, and I remember why I didn’t love it—it stretched out a fair bit while I was wearing it and started falling down (from body heat?)

[10;10] Bray Cap

[10;50] Roku Hat

[11;50] Green Circle Scarf (self-drafted pattern)

[12;41] BFF Socks

[13;37] Ondawa Sweater (blog post commeth)

[14;34] Harper Hat

[14;55] Self-drafted neck warmer fail

[15;10] Kate attempts to offer advice for new knitters

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