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VLOG: My Recent (And Current!) Makes

January 30, 2019

We’re back on the YouTubes! This week I’m sharing what I’ve made recently, what I’m currently working on, and what I hope to dig into next (spoiler alert: I want to dig into all the things).

Projects mentioned:

1. Embroidered Knit Pillow. Own design, made from Dominion Textile yarn from the 70s? 80s?

2. Ondawa Sweater by Michele Wang for Brooklyn Tweed. Yarn is Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Snowbound

3. Grainline Stowe Bag. Made from muslin and some other patterned cotton fabric I had kickin’ around.

4. Super simple self-drafted project bag. Made from the same fabric as above.

5. Super simple self-drafted throw pillows from THE MOST GORGEOUS (linen ?) FABRIC FROM STOCKHOLM.

6. Seasonal wreath. Own design, made from vintage merino roving and yarn. (Are we calling 70s/80s vintage now? What’s the consensus on that?)

7. BFF socks by Cookie A in Juniper Moon Farm’s Herriot Fine yarn (baby alpaca blended with nylon OMG so scrumptious)

8. Roku Hat in some undyed Cotswold yarn from Gaspereau Valley Fibres in Cape Breton yesss so beautiful, and a great memory of a wonderful solo road trip!

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