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Handmade Porcelain Bird Ornament by JB + DG

January 14, 2019

Look at this sweetest of birds, handmade by the lovely Dayna Gedney (one half of JB + DG).

I bought it from her at the Crown Flora holiday market last month. Because Dayna’s the best, she let me pick out the one I wanted before I even got to the market. She sent me pictures of a bunch, and this one was the immediate YES MINE THAT’S MINE. I love that about craft—it’s magic what you gravitate towards. You know right away which one speaks to you, and while you might spend another half hour comparing and contrasting, you usually come back to the first one that caught your heart.

She hand-paints these porcelain birds and this one has eucalyptus and sage motifs on it, which I love! Here it shall remain long past the holidays, tucked into my bookcase hanging from one of those little sewing seam rulers (because: have you met me?).

You can find her work on their website and their Etsy shop.

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