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3 Days of Design 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark

October 18, 2018

Now this, this is craft.

The next time someone asks me what I’m into and I say, “Handcrafts” and they say, “Oh cute like glitter and glue guns and stuff!” and I’m all “… No.” THIS is what I’ll direct them to.

This is craftsmanship. This is the beauty of handmade.

We lucked out and happened to be in Copenhagen during the 3 Days of Design event. It’s Denmark’s Annual Design event and takes place in studios and storefronts across the city. We had personal tours, got to meet the designers, hang out and ask questions.

I’m hyperventilating just reviewing the pictures from this day, so you can’t image how beside myself I was when I was there. Sigh, the best.

Woven baskets by Lillerod.

Ceramics by Tina Marie.

Colourful paint and tiles by File Under Pop.

Wire and leather chair by Overgaard & Dyrman.

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