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K.A. Almgren Silk Weaving Mill Stockholm, Sweden

August 28, 2018

Behold the entire reason I had to come back to Stockholm—K.A. Almgren Silk Weaving Mill. The only remaining (and working!) silk weaving mill in Stockholm.

When I walked through these doors on my first trip to Stockholm seven years ago, a part of me lit up that I hadn’t seen in a real long time. That entire trip was like coming home. Walking around Stockholm and being surrounded by this level of craftsmanship, beauty, and creative history… that was honestly when I acknowledged how important craft was to me, and allowed myself to pursue that interest.

Growing up I think I felt shame around being so interested in handcrafts. I thought it made me weird and not in a cute way. Something about this trip gave me permission to explore that side of myself. It was….well, it was magical.

But I digress. The weaving mill! Personal creative awakening aside (ha!) this is a truly beautiful space. It’s amazing to see where the weavers work and the tools they use.

This really is my died and gone to heaven.

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