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Tatton Park Gardens in Cheshire, UK

July 4, 2018

OK, so. I’m not sure what’s more mind-boggling. The fact that this oasis exists, or the idea that some Lord owned all 2000 of these glorious acres until he died in 1958 and left it to the National Trust.

Can you imagine calling this your backyard? Like, WHAT.

As a Canadian, I’m used to space. I’m used to the idea acres of open land, forest, and/or rolling hills. But we just don’t do gardens like the British, I don’t even think we have gardens of this scope and magnitude. It’s truly staggering to walk through 50 acres of perfectly manicured gardens. (Note that the aforementioned 2000 acres is the current size of the estate, not the gardens.)

And walk we did! For hours. I’m no botanist so I can’t tell you exactly what we saw, but I enjoyed the Japanese Garden and the Glass Houses. And all of the buildings! Ugh, so beautiful. If you’re into doors, locks, and archways…. this place is heaven.

Finally, yes, that radiant women is my Mum. :)

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