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Norway in a Nutshell Day 1, Oslo to Bergen

July 17, 2018

To Bergen!

On the recommendation of family friends, we did a two day Norway in a Nutshell tour. We went round trip from Oslo with the overnight in Bergen.

Day one was a train trip between Oslo and Bergen, then we had the evening to wander around Bergen (pictures in the next post!).

Pro tip: If you’re taking a cab in Oslo, order it in advance and spell out your street name. We called the morning of (around 8am) and the cab companies were busy enough that it took 20-30 minutes for the cab to arrive, and then it arrived to the wrong street on the other side of town because I confirmed the wrong street name. Whoops! I probably left out a vowel, and that made all the difference hah. We ended up missing our train and having to reschedule it for a slightly later one. Which wasn’t the end of the world, but FYI for anyone taking cabs in Oslo… Call the night before!

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