My Great-Grandmother’s Charmion Lever Watch

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I’m told that if you saw Hannah (my great-grandmother) you could bet on your life she was wearing this watch. That, and she’d have a left ring finger stacked with rings. In every picture I’ve seen of her that proves to be true.

She died in 1978 and we’re guessing she got this watch in the 50s or maybe even 40s. (Any vintage watch experts out there? Does that seem right?) The back of the face is stamped with “9-375” which means it’s 9K gold, and the strap is stamped repeatedly with what looks like the letters “SCE”. I haven’t been able to find out what that means? There’s also a little “h” in the top right box on the back of the face, and I can’t make out what’s stamped in the box on the top right.

As for the face, it’s got a pearlescent vibe to it but I don’t know what it’s made of. It says “Charmion Lever” and “Swiss Made” on the face, and “Classic” is stamped on the side of one of the chain links of the strap. Isn’t it beautiful! I just love this style. The strap, the face, everything right down to the typeface. I am camp thin-delicate-watch-strap all the way. In fact, I used to wear my Mum’s old watch from the 70s in university because I couldn’t find a watch like this to buy. What do you figure it would take to get this one running again?

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