Vintage 1950s Peter Rabbit Toy from England

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Well will you look at this. My Mum’s very own stuffed Peter Rabbit toy from England, looking remarkably dapper given his age. Her English Grandparents mailed it to her in the early 1950s. The tag says it’s made by “Chiltern Hygienic Toys” (so glad they specified?!) and the inside actually looks like it may be stuffed with straw or wood shavings…?

Not sure what the fur’s made of or anything else about him as my mediocre Google skills haven’t managed to find this toy anywhere else. So, I don’t have much more to say about this fellow, aside from the fact that I think he’s quite delightful. I mean, his profile! The jacket. His nose…


  1. What a gorgeous little rabbit!Looking at him (and also based on his age & heritage) I’d guess he’s made from mohair fabric, and if not wool. (The same kind they use with Steiff bears). As for what’s inside, when you give him a (gentle) squeeze, is he a bit squishy or generally on the crunchy side. I can see what’s known as “wood wool” poking out from the seams, it’s the same sort of stuff they used to use in packing crates. Over time, it starts to wear down and turn more to saw dust which is why old toys generally become floppy with age! If there is a slight softness on his insides, then he’s probably stuffed with Kapok as well as the woodwool.In any case, he’s such a precious family heirloom – how lucky you are! Sadly my mum parted with her own childhood bear just after she got married (it was also a source of great dissapointment for me!)Thanks so much for sharing, Fran (I’m a wool & mohair heritage bear maker by the way…)

    1. Fran! Thank you so much for your note. I just read it to my Mum and she’s so excited to know more about him now 🙂 When you give him a squeeze he’s generally stiff or on the crunchy side… I wouldn’t say floppy. His arms and legs feel a little softer but his torso is quite firm and feels “full”. That’s really interesting to know about woodwool and how that leads to floppyness… I definitely know the feel of what you’re describing in older toys.Wow, so cool. Thanks for sharing 🙂 And your work is BEAUTIFUL I’m just looking at your Instagram now. That’s so neat that the mohair you’re using was made in the same mill as Steiff bears.

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