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Consume Less, Create More

December 25, 2017

I’m taking a break for the last 10 days of 2017.

A break from social media, a break from content, a break from the ding-ding-ding of notifications.

No Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, or Facebook. No news. No email on my phone. It’s back to basics. Back to using a phone as a phone and a computer as a means to Do The Work.

I know I need to take a break when my mood, how I see myself, and my efficiency becomes tethered to my reaction to the content I’m consuming. I become easily overwhelmed and anxious. I don’t feel in control of my thoughts and feelings. I make less. I pull away from the things and people that matter to me.

It’s hard to have the self-awareness to recognize this in myself and the discipline to do something about it. It’s far easier to make excuses or place the blame elsewhere. It’s easy to pretend it’s outside of my control and to tell myself that tomorrow will be better.

But we’re in control of more than we think (like our use of social media) and sometimes all it takes is a change in exposure to change our perspective. A little less of something to make room for more of something else.

Consume less, create more. 

That’s what I want for 2018.

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