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Ask Better Questions

December 27, 2017

We’re problem solvers. We want to fix things.

When we’re low we want to make ourselves feel better. Fast.

We might ask ourselves, “What can I do to feel better right now?”

That question tends to lead to short-term solutions. Solutions that focus on pleasure over happiness. Maybe it’s the pleasure of excesses—I don’t feel good but if I keep eating/drinking/sleeping/watching TV I’ll feel better.

Pleasure brings us relief but it doesn’t actually change us. Once it fades we’re right back to where we were, maybe even worse.

So, when we’re low, perhaps a better question is, “What can I do now that I’ll be proud of tomorrow?”

The answer to that question is different altogether. It’s less about escape and more about self-betterment. I might be feeling like crap today but I still wrote a blog post, I still went for a walk, I still started sorting photos for my project… that sort of thing. The sort of thing that moves us closer to where we want to be.

And if we keep doing that—even when it’s hard and goes against our desire for immediate relief—maybe we’ll find happiness in the process.

I don’t know, but I do know this: If you keep having the same problems, it’s time to start asking better questions.

Because better questions = better solutions.

Not sure why I chose this picture, to be honest, something about it just feels right. Taken at Lake Wilcox in the summer of 2013. 



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