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Crisis Precipitates Evolution

November 16, 2017

I did it.

I figured out what I need and I asked for it.

I drove up there and I looked them straight in the eye and I asked for it.

You know how people talk about “standing in your truth?” Well, that’s what I did. I stood there, straight and rooted, my voice projecting from a place I didn’t entirely know I had. It was so… strong.

There was no stuttering, no lead-up, no “umm’s”, no justification, no apologizing, no blaming.

No anger.

I simply told them exactly what I needed in all of two sentences.

I was unapologetically me to a person I’ve been hiding from my entire life.

And it felt… easy.

That was the funny thing, that after all the anxiety of having these flashbacks come to a head and mulling over what I should do, this morning I woke up feeling… excited.

Like, giddy excited.

In what’s typically the juncture where I crap my pants and look for any excuse to bolt, there I was, smiling like an idiot.

I guess because this simple exercise had finally sunk in. If I ask for what I need, if I stand up for myself and put myself first…

What do I stand to loose?

More importantly, what do I stand to gain?

A lot as it turns out. A freaking lot. 

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