How to Tell if You’re Doing the Right Thing

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How to tell if you’re doing the right thing, a definitive guide. OK OK, my definitive guide. Yours will be different.

The only thing consistent about your twenties seems to be change. (It’s nice to have something you can count on, right? That and my unwavering love of coffee.) Change means decisions. Decisions about jobs, about relationships, about where you want to live… Basically, “The heck do I do with my life?” Should I do that thing or no? Should I share that thing or no? Should I hang with that person or no?

I used to rely on a good ole pro-con list to tell me what to do. But I’ve realized they don’t actually work for me. Not on their own, at least. They’re a breeding ground for rationalization and I end up choosing the option that will look good to other people or be easiest to explain. I choose the option that (literally) looks good on paper, ignoring the voice in the back of my head going, “Wait… Red flag!”

That voice, I now know, is called intuition. I also know we’d allegedly be a lot happier if we “got in touch with it”.But how do you do that? After much experimentation over the past year here are four questions that, depending on the situation, work wonders for me…

  1. Would your 8-year-old self be proud?
  2. What’s your visceral reaction aka how does your body feel when you think about it? What’s going on in that chest cavity of yours, does your chest expand and things feel wonderfully open (even if only for a moment) or does it feel like your ribs are caving in on your lungs followed by that stabbing pain and an overwhelming urge to take a nap…
  3. Would you be excited to tell Hannah about it? (Hannah = someone’s opinion I actually care about)
  4. If someone else does it first will you be jealous? “Oh, MAN I totally thought of that.”

I’m telling you, wonders.

What helps you?

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