Carl Larsson Cards

December 13, 2016


You know the stack of miscelaneous greeting cards all Mums have somewhere in their house? Ya. Turns out, you can find some pretty good stuff in there.

Like these — picked up at The Swedish Christmas is Toronto many (20?) years ago.

They’re prints of Carl Larsson paintings. He was a rather famous Swedish artist (1853-1919) and part of the Arts and Crafts Movement (yes, that was a thing!).

I thought these were really sweet and worth a share. Even if they’re not to your personal taste or feel ‘dated’, it’s nice to see and consider different styles. Just because you wouldn’t want to hang something on your wall doesn’t mean you can’t find value in it. I think we forget that sometimes, or we’re too quick to dismiss things we don’t immediately like. It’s amazing what comes up if you just keep your eyes open a little longer…

Aaand I’m quickly going off on a tangent. To be clear I’m not saying this because I think you (yes you reading!) would dislike these prints. Not at all. It’s just a broader thing I’ve been pondering lately…

OK I’m done. Enjoy!


This is the back of the first print, “The Apple Harvest”.


“Carl Larsson with the Cow”

(He painted himself in! Cheeky and I love it…)


“Lisbeth angling”


“The Room of Mammy and the small Girls”

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