Sheila Hicks Material Voices at the Textile Museum of Canada

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Calling all fibre lovers—the Sheila Hicks: Material Voices exhibition is on at the Textile Museum of Canada, in Toronto, until February 5, 2017. And spoiler alert… It’s pretty fantastic. At least I think so.

Something about this exhibit really hit me—I guess it was the perfect combination of where I was mentally, the work itself, and a really wonderfully-led tour (thank you to Georgiana Uhlyarik, associate curator at the AGO). Do you ever have that? You stumble across something and it just hits you in the most powerful way. One of those heavens-parting-lighnting-bolt-everything-makes-sense moments. A moment of total clarity. It’s everything you didn’t know you needed. And it’s incredible…. I guess that’s what they call inspiration?

Anyways, back to the exhibit… I apologize my photos aren’t better quality, they’re from my phone, but I think they serve to give you a feel for her work. The first two snaps are of her showstopper piece, Mandan Shrine, which she made from linen, cotton, and synthetic fibres.

Check out her personal website, Sheila Hicks, to see more of her work or learn about this weaving legend.

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