The Town of Preeceville, Saskatchewan

October 11, 2016


I’m going to start sharing little photo series from my travels. I wasn’t sure if that kind of thing belonged on this blog or needed a separate space, as it’s not craft, but honestly for me it’s related. Because it’s not just places, it’s colours and textures and patterns and stories. It’s the step before the making. And if I get so much out of it, maybe someone else will too?

So that’s all great, but I have to be honest, I’m having a heck of a time writing this post.

Preeceville isn’t some random town I drove through on a road trip. It’s where my Mum’s family immigrated to from Sweden. It’s where my great grandmother Hannah lived. It’s where my Nana grew up and went to school. And in that way, even though I’d never been here, it’s very much a part of me.

I really don’t know how to write about that. I think that’ll need to come in another post where I talk about why my Mum and I went on our road trip in the first place. I’ll leave this about the town itself.

And even with that, I don’t know what to focus on. Should I give you a history, or tell you how magical it felt to drive up at sunset, or tell you stories about the wonderful people we met, or how the couple we stayed with joked no one uses turn signals because everyone knows each others cars and where they work or live (and thus where they’re driving at any given time of day)… or maybe I should just say it needs to be a western movie set and leave it at that.


Because guys, this really does need to be a movie set.

(Remember you can click any of the pictures to expand them!)


I don’t know what it is about small Saskatchewan towns but all the ones we drove through had a Chinese restaurant. It didn’t matter how small the town was, there was a Chinese restaurant. Often two actually, side by side.

Now I realize that these photos paint the down in a bit of a destitute light, but I promise, it’s not like that. You’ll see how beautiful the area is in a future post where I’ll share photos of my family’s farm property.


But I won’t apologize for my obsession with this hotel because I think we can all see how perfect it is.



More soon.

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