A Mum Made Costume, Halloween 1995

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Let’s talk Halloween. Specifically, Halloween 1995. My Mum made all of my costumes when I was little (check out 1993 an 1994 here) but this one was my favourite. A floor-length fairy gown in watermarked taffeta, complete with silk flowers on the bodice and a sparkly crown. Sigh….

It was magical—the rustling sound it made when I twirled, the way the skirt pooled up around me when I sat down quickly. Oh, how I loved it. I wore it for years. It stayed in my dress-up box, getting pulled out every now and then when I needed a little boost. Not only do I still have the dress, I managed to dig up the pattern as well—McCall’s Belles of the Ball P213. Even the receipt was tucked in there! It looks like she bought the materials in 1994 but didn’t end up making it until the following year. She said felt ridiculous buying yards of taffeta for a children’s costume, but oh goodness I’m so glad that she did.

In my nostalgia I couldn’t help but pull it out and take a few snaps of it. I may have even slid it on for a quick spin (sorry, no photos of that). Wouldn’t you know it, 21 years later it still feels and sounds every bit as magical. That overskirt! Total magic. Thanks, Mum.

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