In Store Inspiration #7

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It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these In Store Inspiration roundup posts but trust, my phone is still full of photos of clothes I’ve turned inside out and right side in for ideas. My niece actually asked once why my camera roll is full of “stuff” and “where’re the selfies?!” Sorry to disappoint little lady!

I love the collar on this Celine piece I found in Holt Renfrew last week. Looking closely it would actually be relatively straightforward to draft into a pattern, however it looks like the zipper would be on the bias and I’m not sure how that would affect the drape? You could definitely do this on a straight up and down zipper as well though!

As you can see, this knit vest from Club Monaco is essentially a knit rectangle with holes for your arms—totally DIYable! You could experiment with different stitches depending on the texture you want, even cables. You could also bind the edges with crochet stitch in a contrasting yarn.

I thought this necklace from COS was a neat idea for a DIY—sew a fabric sleeve wide enough for your beads of choice and make a knot before sliding in the next one, forming a chain. This would be a great thing to do with an old necklace you no longer like, or for beads you don’t like the colour of. I think this would be awesome with sheer fabric and metallic beads because you’d see a bit of the shine through the fabric.

The wool coat is from Club Monaco. Nothing groundbreaking, I know, but this style is everywhere and it would be pretty simple to draft and sew yourself with a nice, heavy wool! Have you noticed that sleeves are getting a lot of attention right now? I love it! Lots of pretty details showing up, even smocking! The ties on the pink Club Monaco coat are a nice feminine detail without being too cutesy, and something you could easily add to a pattern.

Love the tucks on the green knit sweater from COS—could be interesting on something like a classic button-down too?

And lastly, a couple home decor ideas from a store called Alchemy in Kelowna (I was out West last month!). I like the idea of sewing throw pillows from a heavier wool fabric and doing a faux quilted look on one side by adding a couple lines of stitching. Simple but interesting! I also loved how they mounted these collections of objects to the wall and framed them, so cool! I’m not sure what I would use to recreate this look, but it just reminds you to think beyond pictures and wall hangings in you’re decorating a space.

Check out the tag #InStoreInspiration on Instagram to see more of my finds. And post your own snaps using this hashtag, I’d love to see them!

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