A Pact Between Friends, July 1st 1935

August 7, 2016


A pact between friends, to meet at the train station in seven years time, found tucked between my Nana’s autograph books from school.

I mean, come on. Are you seeing this? I love it, everything about it, right down to the colour of the paper and the texture of the tape.


It’s written by my Nana, Billie Pethick, on July 1st 1935 in Preeceville Saskatchewan.


“Seven years from July 1st 1935 (July 1st 1942) I promise to come to the Preeceville Station at 12pm where friends will meet friends tête et tête.

B. Pethick
L. Olsen
E. Tetlock
B. Dalton”


Ahh yes, there’s nothing quite like the bond between childhood friends.

Which of course leaves us to wonder… did they do it?

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