My Tunisian Crochet Pillow, An Update

March 22, 2016


Sigh. I’m sorry to say my fears have come true. Only a couple months in and this pillow is pilling like nobodies business and looks, well, Bleh.

I made this Tunisian Crochet Pillow Cover about five months ago using Wool And The Gang’s Crazy Sexy Wool. From the outset I had my concerns about how the yarn would wear — there’s not much twist in it, so how would it stand up to abrasion and daily use? Not well, it turns out.


I have to admit it looks better in these photo’s than is does in real life. So trust me when I say it’s just not working out. You can see the pilling a bit better in the photo above.

I had gotten the yarn as a sample through work, and I thought it’s weight would lend itself nicely to a pillow cover. Despite my concerns, I wanted to give it a whirl — it’s one thing to assume what will happen and another to see what actually does.


This isn’t a good look either. I’ll consider a different seaming technique next time, or maybe it’s just a matter of the cover needing to be bigger…


So. What went wrong?

1. The Yarn

There’s not enough twist to stand up to the abrasion a pillow goes through. It may have been fine if it was purely decorative, but that’s not what I’m after. When choosing my next yarn to do this with I’ll sacrifice softness for twist, because a pillow like this really doesn’t have to be that soft. It’s not like you’re squishing your face into it.

2. The Pillow Form

Feather was a bad choice. First off, it’s shedding (okay maybe that’s more because it’s old, but still) and second, it doesn’t keep it’s shape. Thank you Captain Obvious, I know, but I wasn’t thinking about how important that would be when I first made it. I just figured squishy was better. Now that I’ve seen how out of shape it gets, and how that contributes to the ‘Bleh’ factor, I see that a synthetic structured pillow form would be been better.


I still love this concept and pattern, so I’ll be making is again, just switching up the materials.

Not sure what to make with this Crazy Pilly Wool though?