Learning How To Spin On A Wheel, My First Skein

March 1, 2016


About a year ago I took that Intro to Spinning class at the Knit Cafe and learned how to spin on a drop spindle. Since then I’ve gotten on a wheel (!!) and I just finished plying my first skein (!!!).

I found the transition pretty natural, from drop spindle to wheel, and have so enjoyed the whole process. It’s really surprised me actually. I wasn’t sure if I’d find it frustrating or tedious, but it’s proved to be incredibly relaxing. Who knew!

Spinning relies much more on feel than a set pattern or steps, and once you fall into your rhythm it’s so calming. It clears my head and grounds me in the present.

light-coopworth-6Here’s my first baby off the wheel.

I used a light coopworth (used? spun? I don’t know the terminology…) from Gemini Fibres. I just started spinning — I wasn’t thinking about weight or yardage or end use.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out. It’s not dead consistent or anything but that’s not the point right now, is it? The twist seems okay which is the only thing I was conscious of while spinning — I did an actual happy dance when it hung straight after washing. Honestly, one of my proudest crafting moments to date.


Left: Before washing.
Right: After washing.

Not bad right!


I don’t have any plans for it yet. I have another slightly smaller skein too and a little of a single left over. I’ll try knitting with it just to see how the twist feels, and then maybe I’ll use it for a simple wall hanging or something.


This is the first single I finished. I hear you’re supposed to let them sit on the bobbin overnight to rest before plying?

Well I let this one sit a solid 4 months just to be safe…

light-coopworth-5light-coopworth-2light-coopworth-3I rediscovered my wheel after Christmas and finished up the second single, let it sit a couple days, then plyed them. I followed the Maggie Casey’s Start Spinning DVD my Dad gave me a few birthday’s ago (Oh yes, I am entirely that cool… P.S. Thanks Dad!).


So what’s next! Spin up the rest of this? Dive into the other fleece (and silk!) I’ve been stock piling?

Stay tuned…

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