A (Not Embarrassing) Grandma-Made Sweater

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Well, this isn’t embarrassing at all—is it? No cats, no boring beiges. None of the things that come to mind when you think of Grandmother-made sweaters. It’s really, truly, wearable. I mean, maybe not everyday wearable (it’s pretty heavy and real-deal-wool-scratchy, one of those sweaters you wear in place of a jacket) but the design is lovely. It reminds me of long underwear and turtlenecks and skating on ice rinks you made in your back yard… Sigh. Nostalgia.

My Grandma (Dad’s side — I gushed about her vintage Zig Zag machine) knit it for my Mum about 20 years ago. My Mum thinks it was probably made from yarn that was her mother’s (when she passed my Mum gave her yarn stash to my Grandma). I think it’s so neat that both my Grandmothers could have had a hand in this. I love the style of this pattern. Does anyone know what it’s called? It’s clean, classic, but interesting. A pattern like this could make for a good intro to colourwork… One day (soon) I’ll get there.

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