Grace Eunmi Lee’s Dust Installation at the Art Gallery of Burlington

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This woman. I tell ya, just incredible. I got out to the Art Gallery of Burlington a few nights ago to see Grace Eunmi Lee’s Dust installation, on display until April 17th 2016. I’ve never seen anything like it (which isn’t surprising knowing Grace’s work). It’s beautiful. Humble, but grand.

I’d love to see something like this hung in a foyer (OK, my foyer) in place of a chandelier. How breath taking would that be? Gives you the chills in the best of ways. All the pieces are hung on fishing line, suspended from a grid in the ceiling. Imagine how her hands must have felt by the end of this instal? Wowza.

I had to include a few precious snaps from the guest book. Remember when you were little and you’d write your age beside your name? The sweetest. I’m right there with you, Vivian.

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