Brooklyn Tweed’s Bray Cap

February 8, 2016


This pattern is magic. Let’s just start and end there.

After the Harper Hat flop I needed something to restore my faith in hat making so I did what any sensible knitter would do, scrolled through Grainline’s Ravelry. I loved Jen’s Bray Cap but thought it looked pretty ambitious for my skillset. Her writeup was super positive though, saying how ‘surprisingly quick’ it was. I found a couple other similar reviews and decided to give it a go.

Honestly guys, I’ve only done lace and cables once before and this thing knit up like a dream in just a couple of days (!!!). What a confidence booster. I mean I wouldn’t recommend it to a total beginner or someone new to knitting in the round, but it’s a nice gateway into the world of cabling (a place I’ve been irrationally afraid of).

The magic of this pattern lies in it’s ability to make you look like a far better knitter than you actually are.


I’ll take it.

Bonus points – the brim is loose enough that I’m not left with a barcode imprint on my forehead when I take it off.


Ignore the face, I love the hat, I just have a heck of a time taking selfies.

What I want to show is the pilling that’s started now that I’ve been wearing it for nearly 3 months. It’s not a huge deal but I prefered how crisp it looked before (see progress shots below). I’m a little concerned about how it will look in a few winters, you know? I’ll have to knit another using a different brand of yarn and see how it wears in comparison.

Pattern Used:
Bray Cap designed by Jared Flood for Brooklyn Tweed

Materials/Supplies Used:
Malabrigo Worsted in Cypress
4mm/US 6 circulars for ribbing
5mm/US 8 circulars and DPNs for main fabric

Pattern Modifications:
I did not do the optional tubular cast on.

Finished Dimensions:
9 inches tall
19.5-20ish inches around (after washing and 3 months of wear)


I have a larger than average head and I did not adjust the pattern. I was worried it would be a bit snug but it’s actually on the loose side if anything. Perfect fit for me but maybe something to note for anyone with a smaller head. Perhaps that’s more about the yarn I used than the pattern itself though?


I think I finished season 2 of Mr Selfridge knitting this up in bed one weekend. So good. Impatiently awaiting season 4…

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