Vintage Find – Figgjo Norway Market China Set

January 29, 2016


So… I bought a china set?

I was at the Dutch Bazaar this past fall visiting my Mum and Stepdad (they volunteer) and I got suckered in by the antiques section. I went on setup day just to say Hi and an hour later my Mum and I were smuggling a box of dishes, Delft china, and a wooden sock form past the coordinator…

While we were chatting I kept glancing over at the table beside us being piled with dinnerware and other tiny treasures. I narrowed in one of these teacups and it was love. As I was manhandling it and gushing over how cute the pattern was another volunteer pulled a cardboard box up from under the table – there was more. Twenty two pieces more.

What did they want for it? $20. Twenty dollar bills. For twenty three pieces of 1970s Norwegian china. SOLD.

It was a bit of an unsaid rule that you don’t sell anything on setup day so that’s where the smuggling came in. Probably an unnecessary precaution (I mean we paid for everything) but it’s dead entertaining watching my Mother try to be stealth. (Love you Ma, you’re still my number one shopping partner.)

I really don’t know much about this china (other than I love it) and I’ve had a hard time digging up the history online. I know it’s Figgjo Norway (Figgjo Flint?), turi-design and the market pattern. From what I can tell the market pattern was first released in the early 1960s and production stopped sometime in the 70s.


The platter (close up below). Look how lovely the illustration is!


Large bowl (casserole dish?).


The underside of the large bowl. 

figgjo-norway-dinner-plates-3I have 3 dinner plates. When I got home I noticed some of the plates were quite rich in colour while others look faded in comparison (see photo below). I’m guessing they were produced at different times, and they have different stamps on the back.


These are the two different stamps I see on the backs. I’ve done a bit of research (nothing extensive, I can’t be bothered just yet) and I haven’t been able to figure out what the difference means or when they were produced. I did find this one website that shows some of the Figgjo Stamps through time which is interesting.


Here is one of the side/small plates. I have 6 in total.


I have 4 bowls.


The stamp on the underside of the bowls.


I am totally enamoured with these teacups. I have 4 and 4 saucers. I think the illustration on these is so sweet. One day I’ll have a kitchen with space to display them!


The underside of the teacup saucer.


Just the sweetest.

If you have any tips on researching vintage china please let me know. I’m eager to learn about this design!

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