Vintage Find – Figgjo Norway Market China Set

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So… I bought a china set at a flea market last weekend? I really don’t know much about this china (other than I love it) and I’ve had a hard time digging up the history online. I know it’s Figgjo Norway (Figgjo Flint?), turi-design and the market pattern. From what I can tell the market pattern was first released in the early 1960s and production stopped sometime in the 70s.

When I got home I noticed some of the plates were quite rich in colour while others look faded in comparison. I’m guessing they were produced at different times, and they have different stamps on the back. I’ve done a bit of research (nothing extensive, I can’t be bothered just yet) and I haven’t been able to figure out what the difference means or when they were produced. I did find this one website that shows some of the Figgjo Stamps through time which is interesting.

I am totally enamoured with these teacups. I think the illustration on these is so sweet. One day I’ll have a kitchen with space to display them! If you have any tips on researching vintage china please let me know. I’m eager to learn about this design!


  1. I just broke 2 of the small plates in this collection and I’m totally bummed. If you ever want to sell yours to make my collection whole again I’m your man!

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