Who Should You Follow?

November 4, 2015

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your phone, shaking your head thinking “… Who the heck am I following?!”

Why am I looking at all these perfectly curated photo’s of DIYs I have no interest in making? Why are there so many succulents and copper accents and fringed accessories? Why am I looking at this? I don’t even like this.

When I started blogging and using social media it seemed sensible to follow a cross section of people working in the fields that interested me. That meant a range of craft/DIY/fashion/design/interior bloggers, some I genuinely admired, some I followed because they were popular–that idea that if you choose to be in the craft field you should follow the top craft bloggers. I wanted to know what was going on, what was trending. Even if it wasn’t going to affect my content, I didn’t want to be ignorant, particularly if craft was to be both my day job and hobby. The business side of me says always be informed, don’t bury your head in a corner. Don’t be closed-minded because inspiration comes from the most unlikely of sources.

So here I am scrolling through my Bloglovin feed, totally in awe with certain posts and completely uninspired and even frustrated by others. So who should I be following? Should I only follow those accounts and blogs I truly love and find value in, or should I be strategic about it following a variety in my field?

I’m all for keeping my eyes open (different aesthetics, geographic backgrounds, etc.) but why should I spend time looking at content that’s not inspiring me, encouraging me, or making me feel good? Or worse, content I find myself almost poking fun at… “That’s the most original thing they could do? Do the 1000 people liking this not see it’s totally impractical and would unravel in the wash?” Kind of like those friends you keep on Facebook just to mock or tear yourself down in comparison to. This whole sentiment obviously applies to a lot of areas in social media, but they’re the same questions and I can’t be the only one asking them – Who am I following and why?

Is it foolish and single-minded to only follow accounts and people that I truly find valuable? Or should I make an effort to ‘stay in the loop’ and not offend anyone by keeping a handful of those ‘top’ accounts and following back those that follow me? Are there exceptions? Are the rules different for personal versus business blogs/accounts?

I think I’ve answered my own question in writing this, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Please leave a comment or shoot me email.

  • Ha, so I’m not only one identifying projects that are one use only :)
    I find myself following a mix: those who deeply inspire me for what they stand for, the great photographers, the great stylists, the great writers. Some I admire just for one of those skills, other for all. I guess I don’t follow anyone I don’t feel good about seeing or receiving updates from.

    • Well that’s a rather straight forward way of looking at it haha I like it!! I don’t know why this has been on my mind lately, I mean It should be pretty simple? I think it’s a bunch of different things coming together for me…. lots of questions swirling around and I’ve been looking pretty critically at the craft/DIY industry, how people are carving out careers for themselves and what consumers value, how social media is used… I could go off in many tangents haha. But anyways today I was looking at my Bloglovin and Instagram and was struck by how much content I just blew past because I wasn’t interested…so why am I following? Accounts I follow because I think I should or think I’d miss out if I didn’t, not because I really love them. I’ll stop rambling now…Thanks for commenting :) xx

      • I know what you mean though. I guess one always curates. What one wears, does, the films you watch, the books you keep. Maybe social media is the same. It’s ok to test it out, but if something feels a bit off/uninspiring one just curates. Less is more, they say :)
        Another point if view is when you really know what you don’t like/want to do, that’s just another way of getting closer to the essence of what you do like/want to do.
        Oh, long comment!

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