The Cave Supper Club, June 18th 1942

November 5, 2015


When in Vancouver recently I got to spend some time with a dear family friend, Vera. She was best friends with my Nana and actually with her the night she met my Granddad. Now 95, she’s my last living connection to my grandparents from their generation. She knew them in a way I never did, in a way my Mum never even did.

My grandparents met one Christmas during the war. Vera’s aunt had boarded two English RAF soldiers for the holidays and asked her and my Nana, Billie, to come take them out one night. The four of them went dancing at a club called the Cave and I’m told it was love at first sight between Billie and Harry. Apparently quite a bit of their romance was spent here at the Cave, a popular nigthclub, it’s even where they got engaged.

I’m so thankful Vera saved this and thought to give it me to, aside from the personal meaning I’m stunned by the design and quality. I had to share. Everything from the textured paper to the typeface and spacing… I’m smitten.




My grandparents on the right, Billie and Harry, and Vera and Denis on the left. Although Vera and Denis didn’t share the same love at first sight thing, they did become and remain close friends.

I can’t get over the quality of this photograph. When I think 1940s photography this is just not what comes to mind. Like, wow.




Totally, completely, smitten.

It’s Genetic is a series exploring my roots. I’m often overwhelmed and inspired by the talent that came before me and the creative family I’m surrounded by today. These are some projects and belongings that feel too good not to share. 

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