BC Ceramics & My Haejin Lee Mug

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In our quick trip to Vancouver last month I made sure to scout out a few craft shops. I went to the obvious spots on Granville Island (Crafthouse and Circle Craft) and just wandered around from there. Whenever I travel (even if it’s only a few hours away) I’m always interested in what the craft community looks like. It’s exciting to see new ideas and fresh artists.

Although I didn’t manage to see many places, I had to share snaps from two of my favourites as well as this gorgeous Haejin Lee mug we bought. I’m itching to get back out West and explore more!

I love the colour palettes Haejin Lee works with. Check out her collections on Instagram, they’re always beautifully styled.

Sunnyside, a tea & home goods shop in Deep Cove. I’m not used to finding modern ceramic selections like this in similar Toronto home shops so I was really excited. My favourites were Haejin Lee, Kalika Bowlby, Maggie Boyd and Heather Dahl. Check out their site!

More on the traditional side of things was the BC Gallery of Ceramics on Granville Island. I love the space they’re in, just a corner of heaven. A few names I noted were Sarah Lawless, Mary Fox, Kathleen Tennock, and Junichi Tanaka.

This is Sarah Lawless. Her work was part of an Exploring BC Clay feature wall and her pieces just popped. Those colours.

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