Updated Tunisian Crochet Neck Warmer

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Here we have my second attempt at a Tunisian crochet neck warmer. The first one I made last year turned out more like a balaclava (oops), and while functional it didn’t feel right.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

I ripped it out and cast on fewer stitches this time, making it looser and shorter. It came out 11 inches high compared to the previous 15 inches which is much more comfortable—less pulling a tube sock over your head, more being hugged by an Alpaca. Perfect.

I just love the texture and weight of basic stitch, isn’t it lovely looking? I think it would be great for something like a throw pillow. Perhaps that’ll be next!

Here it is next to a DVD to show scale. (And if you’ve never seen I Love Lucy… you need to sort yourself out.)

Materials Used:

Finished Measurements:

11 inches tall by 22 inches around


Roughly 5 stitches over 2 inches


(Note I worked this double strand!)

*I had trouble finding out how you’re supposed to seam Tunisian crochet, so I did a sort of modified mattress stitch (see below). As you can see it’s not ideal—If anyone knows the proper technique please comment! I’d also be grateful for any links to cool patterns or stitch tutorials as it’s proved difficult to find Tunisian crochet resources online.

Much better. And still winter ready :).


  1. Have you tried Tunisian crochet in the round, on a double ended hook? I find that process easier and nicer than doing it flat and then needing to seam the edges. I just finished a hat that was worked flat, and did not like the seam when it was done. Now planning to make another, but using the double-ended hook to make it in the round. There are a lot of good videos on Youtube showing how to do this. Good luck!

    1. Oh wow! I had no idea there was a double ended hook – I’ll definitely try that next time. Thank you so much for the suggestion!!

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