Wool And The Gang’s Zion Lion Hat

November 7, 2014


It’s here! Wool and the Gang is on Canadian soil… it’s HERE!

I’ve followed UK based WATG for some time now and on multiple occasions come this close to ordering online, but the ridiculous shipping fees have stopped me. So, I can’t tell you how over the moon I was to see a whole wall of Crazy Sexy Wool at Fabric Spark‘s Creativ Festival booth this year. I couldn’t believe it…

HOW?! Turns out Fabric Spark owner Daryl has a nifty connection to the UK brand, making her the first distributer in Canada through her online fabric store. She had actually just received the shipment the night before the Creativ Festival. Timing!

Crazy Sexy Wool is now up for sale on Fabric Spark in a whack of colours, along with a few select patterns. Three cheers for good wool and reasonable shipping!



This Zion Lion hat was silly easy to knit up. Seriously. I finished it in a car ride out of the city one morning and was left feeling “…that’s it? I’m done?” This hat isn’t even knit in the round so if you’re after easy-peasy-confidence-building-instant-gratification you’re looking at it. I’ve got what looks like half the skien left over as well, which might even cover a second hat I can gift.


For the hat I bought one skein of Crazy Sexy Wool and the Zion Lion hat pattern packet (available as a bundle here). In the packet envelope came the pattern, a sticker, two large needles for sewing up your work and a cute little pin for your knits. Not shown are the hefty 12mm (US 17) needles required.


Happy weekend!

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