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Smalley Ladies In Hats

September 7, 2014


In the spirit of all those Sunday’s I had to put a comb through my hair and hat on my head for church, I give you a look at two sophisticated Smalley’s and their hats.


This blue hat (below) was worn by my nana on her wedding day in May 1943. Her suit was a similar light pearly blue/grey that mum described as ‘just beautiful, like a dove.’ And we can’t ignore my granddad looking sharp in his RAF uniform.




My mum’s not sure on the back story of this beauty, it would have either belonged to my nana or her mother. I find it’s structure and shape most interesting, I’d love to know how it was made.




A few more snaps from a family album. I love every aspect of my mums outfit here – the double welt pockets on the jacket, the knee high socks, the shoes, the white gloves, the hat, the bangs…


Mumma Smalls as a tot, wearing something that looks a bit like a condom (sorry, mum, and to whoever painstakingly knit this bonnet..). I’m drawn to my nana’s hat, its simple shape and how it sits on the head. She’s so elegant. I feel I’d look like a knob if I tried to pull this off.

Maybe someday. Baby steps.

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