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This place is an experience not a shop, let me tell you. It’s a wonderfully unpredictable, quirky wonderland. I can’t describe how nice it is to step into a store and be genuinely surprised by the content and how it’s presented.

If you’re ever in Parkdale you should check out Studio Brillantine for yourself. He’s also got an online store as well but it doesn’t have the same variety.

Please note the little character sliding off the ceiling – I love how the owner has embraced any flaws in the space and incorporated them into his displays.

Here’s part of the ceiling in the back room which has been turned into a whimsical landscape. The best part is I’m sure well over half the people that come through here never even look up high enough to notice it. A treasure to be found by the curious. Brilliant.

I came home with this Fred & Friends hand-blown glass pill capsule. The concept made me chuckle and I like the look of red glass. It’s marketed as a candy holder, a place to keep your ‘sugar fix’ or ‘happy pills,’ but I don’t see myself using it for that purpose. Frankly, I think I would like the look of it empty on a higher shelf with other glass I’ve collected.

I like the way it looks apart as well. I can see having it like this and putting flowers in the bottom half.

I’ve also thought about using it as a display capsule, I’m just not sure for what. I played around with my Russian dolls here for fun, but we’ll see how I end up using it!

Spot the CN Tower ;).

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