In Store Inspiration #5

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I really love the idea of linen and leather together – both raw and imperfect, their different weights balancing each other out. I’m not crazy for the leather sleeves trend (as shown here), but I do love how this waxed linen looks in combination with this soft leather. What I’m most interested in is how linen and leather would work together in weaving, handbags, and perhaps home decor. (Danier

Aren’t these hand-blown glass spheres stunning?! I think Pili Collago’s pieces are incredibly well designed. Every aspect, including the closure, contributes to the design. There’s no ‘dead’ space – I love that. (Rue Pigalle)

Bean bags man, you’re never too old for them. This would be a really easy and fun project, one you could sew in a variety of shapes with interesting seams. (EQ3)

This piece is by ceramic artist Michelle Mendlowitz. I love how the colours are melting but still vibrant, I think this would make a beautiful textile. (Craft Ontario)

I’m not generally drawn to halter tops, but I really like how the halter style is being used as a detail on this neckline. This could be a nice touch to draft and add onto a simple dress or top pattern. (Gaspard)

These interesting prints (I believe silkscreened?) could serve as unique and inexpensive art. Each print was around $20, and there are many inexpensive framing/mounting options. I could see a series of these going down a hallway or in a kids room. (The Paper Place)

I’m immediately drawn to any combination of wood, glass and metal/steel. It can produce so many interesting effects, like how the wooden box appears to be floating. I particularly like the practicality of the glass top – it protects the wood while allowing you to see the grain. No coffee ring stains! (Style Garage)

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