Grace Eunmi Lee’s Fishtank Craft Ontario Installation

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You know when you see something that doesn’t remind you of anything else? Maybe it shocks you, maybe it makes no sense to you, but you remember it. It’s unique. That’s good art, right?

When I first saw Grace Eunmi Lee‘s work a year ago it went against everything I assumed about ceramics. Her little creatures were so quirky, so odd… are ceramics allowed to look like this? I instantly loved it. I wanted a little army of monsters of my own.

Her Fishtank Installation is on at the Craft Ontario Shop in Yorkville from August 7th-28th, which is a neat thing to check out. The shop is also carrying more of her work than usual, so if you want to pick up something of hers now is a good time! I was told she made 650 unique pieces for this installation – wild!

Apologies for the low quality indoor photos, I just really wanted to show some other examples of her work. The little creatures with the long tails are actually ring holders, and all the monsters are actually salt and peppers shakers.

Unrelated side note – how awesome is this mirror I saw in the shop?! Split in two by a beautiful piece of wood that also serves as a small shelf. I would love to have this in my front hallway. Love. 

Here’s the little guy I came home with, my two eyed gold toothed monster. I’m hoping to collect a few more of her pieces in the future.

It’s actually a salt and pepper shaker (there’s a plug that comes with it) but I’m just going to be displaying mine.

This is the kind of thing I’d have tucked away on a shelf, something myself or others could randomly catch a glimpse of. Something that makes you smile, makes you wonder, makes you ask…

Because that’s good art, right?

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