In Store Inspiration #4

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I love that more and more people are experimenting with big knits, especially for the home. Vancouver based line Hendrik Lou has shown some really neat things on their Instagram, and Loopy Mango yarn seems to be gaining popularity among knitters. My only concern is the longevity of these pieces, particularly ones knit from rovings. Will they shed substantially? Do you have to be really careful with them? (Seen at a home store near Queen West and Dovercourt Rd, Toronto.)

What a great idea for a rug! This appears to be felt that has been cut into interlocking shapes and hand stitched together. I’m not sure where you would get thick felt like that, but this would be great in a kids room. (Seen at rug store near King and Church, Toronto.)

I found this jacket at Club Monaco and liked the look of the material used (didn’t feel fantastic). It reminds me of an old woven or wool blanket, yet the style is structured and has that badass motorcycle vibe. I’m in. (Club Monaco)

I know these little stackable footstool cubes aren’t a new concept, I’m just baffled at how much people are paying for them. I’m sure you could make something comparable by taking a wooden box (or heck, a milk crate) and attaching padding to the sides, then sewing a slip cover. The slip would be very easy to sew with 5 sides, and elastic around the bottom so it stays on securely (like a fitted bed sheet). (EQ3). 

Again, nothing ground breaking. Again, it’s really expensive and pretty easy to do yourself. These stacked boxes are literally held in place with brackets – no screws, no drilling. These boxes have mitered corners and wouldn’t difficult to build, alternatively you could probably stack and bracket together anything thats strong enough to not sag. Also since it’s held in place with brackets, you can change it around whenever you like. I mean think about it, if you needed an extra coffee table one night you could just break a section off! (EQ3)

This is fantastic emergency art. Emergency art being something you make in a hurry to decorate a space when you don’t have a lot of cash to spend, and want something more unique than an Ikea print. This is Marimekko fabric stretched over a frame. How simple! Go to your local art store and buy a frame of whatever sized you’d like (or build one), buy enough fabric to cover it (or use a shawl, table runner, etc.) and staple it on – Bam! (EQ3)

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