My Custom Wildhagen Hat

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Designed and custom made in Toronto, fabrics from Europe, ribbons from MokubaWildhagen, I’m in love.

The thing about a great hat is that the person wearing it can enjoy wearing it, but other people can enjoy looking at it. It’s a public object.

—Sheri Wildhagen & David Greig

Their shop is absolutely beautiful and you can feel the passion and patience owners David and Sheri have towards their work. It’s always exciting to find such craftsmanship in your back yard. This Fair Land did a short film on them you can check out if you want to learn more.

They actually made my hat to order, so I got to choose the colours of linen I wanted as well as the ribbon detail. It’s pretty neat to know I’ll be the only one with this exact hat, and I had a lot of fun putting it together.

Since it’s linen, this hat is easy to roll up and throw (OK, place) in a bag. It does soften a bit, but these pictures are after a month of wear and a trip to California, so I’d say it’s looking pretty good. Sheri also said I can bring it back to the shop to be pressed, and she’ll show me how to press it myself at home.

The hat box it came in has found a second use as wool storage. Pretty snazzy, right?



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