Hoi Bo Wet Waxed Mini

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Happy Birthday to me, indeed.

After a lengthy Instagram fuelled love affair I’ve finally invested in a Hoi Bo handbag. The attraction is pretty self explanatory – simple lines yet unique styles, wonderfully functional, and handmade in Toronto using gorgeous exotic materials (think kangaroo, lambskin). Designer Sarra Tang is really, seriously good at what she does.

I’m happy to call this Wet Wax Mini my own. It’s made from oiled cotton twill, with a bark tanned leather shoulder strap and solid brass hardware. Four little pleats on the underside shape the bag and maximize the use of space.

Above are a few snaps of their store in the Distillery District. It’s such a stunning and wonderfully curated space. One of those places meant to be experienced, not described. Just go if you can.

I’ll be honest, looking around the Wet Wax Mini did not originally jump out at me as a must have. I’m in love with the kangaroo leather Boxed Purse (pictured above). I mean look at that folding, where have you ever seen something like that? However, practicality won (this time) as I wanted something that met my everyday needs while fitting any occasion.

This Wet Wax Mini is it for me. It holds all my necessities, it has a shoulder strap as well as a handle, two interior pockets, the full zip is smooth, and it’s resilient as well as ‘weather’ proof (a little rain or dirt won’t hurt it). Everything just works. I’m not struggling with a purse for once, you know?

To give you an idea of just how functional this small bag is, here’s what I currently require on my person to get out the door (for better or for worse) – sunglasses, camera, phone, notebook/pencil, wallet, hand lotion, lipstick, hair tie, coin purse, measuring tape, card holder, ear phones, keys, clips, lip balm. All of this fits comfortably, I’m not playing purse Tetris or having to unload everything onto the counter just to find my coin purse to pay for coffee.

Bottom line, I couldn’t ask for a better designed daily handbag. Sarra likened it to ‘a magic hat’… Truth.


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