1950s Handmade Doll Clothes

June 26, 2014


As a little girl, my Mum kept her doll and it’s wardrobe in this trunk. Most of her dolls clothes were hand sewn by my great-aunt Emma in the 1950s. I think they show patience and pride, as well as being an interesting reflection of dressing standards at the time (e.g. a slip under a dress, skirts not shorts). I’ve shared a few of my favourite outfits below.



A summer dress and coordinating slip. Like any lady, all outfits had undergarments/slips to match.


Look at this pleating! Holy patience.



A winter jacket, lined and trimmed with fur. Aunt Emma took the fur collar off of her boots just to make this… and look at the detail on the back!


A luxurious little cape, again trimmed with fur and embellished with tiny gems.


You can see where the doll would have stood up in the right side of the trunk, held in place with a ribbon. On the left side is a small drawer for socks and pyjamas and hanging space above. Can you imagine the tiny hangers that would have belonged there!


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