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DIY Knitting Project Bag

June 10, 2014


I like to take my knitting with me so I can stitch a few rows whenever I can – in the car, on the subway, between class, in class (Ooops). I just need something simple and compact to throw into my bag, something preferably more inspiring than an old shopping bag. This dandy fits the bill, and was a great instant gratification project.

I used a Ty Pennington wave fabric I bought at Effiloché and lined it with muslin (call me boring). I don’t feel the need to write a how-to as there’s tons of great tutorials online, so I’ll direct you to this Purl Bee one and this Fall For DIY one that are well photographed.





Some snaps of the process, and above you can see what it would have looked like if I didn’t sew across the corners. I cut the corners because I wanted the bag to stand on it’s own, making it easier to pull out yarn as I’m knitting. You can see pictures of where to cut on this Punkin Patterns tutorial (she also shows a more professional way of sewing the zipper).




This is just big enough to fit everything I need on the go while taking up minimal space.

Side note: Don’t be at the mercy of your morning coffee and poor coordination, put a sheet protector on your patterns.