Americo Copito Medio Cowl

January 20, 2014


I knit Americo’s Lloydminster cowl using this yarn two years ago, and although I loved the texture and style I found it a bit too loose around the neck. I could pull it down around my shoulders and I wanted something that was tighter fitting so it wouldn’t be too bulky to wear with my winter coat.

So, I pulled it out a month ago (painful!) and re-knit it casting on about two-thirds of the stitches the pattern originally called for. I’m much happier with the fit this time around! The yarn is Americo’s Copito Medio, it’s 100% merino wool and quite soft. I love the colour and the texture the unevenly spun yarn adds to a simple rib knit.


My finished project is about 15 inches tall by 28 inches around (magazine for scale). The nice thing about knitting a cowl in the round is you can keep trying it on to see how tall you want it.

I found this the perfect kind of project to keep in my bag, I pretty much knit it between classes or on transit!




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