The Weekender #1

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Yes, I’m a little late to the party on these two documentaries, but I still felt the need to share in case you’ve also yet to see them. Perhaps one will make a great addition to your long weekend.

The first is the OWN Visionaries: Tom Ford Documentary, a rare insight into Fords daily life as part of OWN’s ‘Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind’ series. It’s always beautiful to be given a little glimpse into the mind of a creative genius who is otherwise quite private. What I found most surprising and compelling about Ford is how relatable he is. His views on style, materialism, the fashion industry, success, all refreshingly relatable despite his surroundings.

“Style for me is some one who figures out who they are. What works on them. What they feel good in and develops that. Develops their character. The outer expression of their character is what style is.” 

“I learnt over the years that you do something first and then talk about it.”

Then there’s Bill Cunningham New York. A documentary opening the life of this 80-something year old man who has been capturing New York street style on his bicycle for decades. He’s a fashion photographer for the New York Times where his candid shots feature some of the most beautiful and glamorous individuals, his keen eye for detail often uncovering trends before they become mainstream. As Anna Wintour said, “We all get dressed for Bill.”

In sharp contrast to the extravagant clothing he appreciates is his lifestyle, living in a small studio apartment with no kitchen or bathroom, his bed propped up on books and surrounded by hundreds of filing cabinets on which he hangs his handful of outfits. He’s never had a romantic relationship, “It’s never occurred to me,” and he’s famously refused paycheques from editors, “If you don’t take money, they can’t tell you what to do, kid.” I don’t think it’s often you come across such a genuinely dedicated creative mind in todays society. No words I string together will do justice to how fascinating this man is, so if you’re similarly intrigued, it’s a must watch.

“Fashion, it’s the armour to survive the reality of everyday life. I don’t think you could do away with it. It would be like doing away civilization.”

On religion, “it’s a good guidance, it’s something I need. I find it very important, for whatever reason.”

“Money is the cheapest thing. Liberty and freedom is the most expensive.”

Images via The Talks, The Sartorialist

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