Simcoe Braided Headband by Good Night, Day

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I discovered Good Night, Day through a friend on Kollabora and man, I got excited. It’s a Canadian knit label by Tara-Lynn Morrison that’s refreshingly modern, using minimalist knitting techniques and gorgeous fair trade wool. I ordered Volume 1 of her patterns deciding to take my needles to the Simcoe Braided Headband first. You know when you buy a pattern book or magazine knowing you won’t use about 75% of the patterns? Not the case here, I can honestly say I want to knit this book front to back.

I used the Alpaca Worsted wool from Americo because it’s incredibly soft, knitting it double strand to make it thick enough for the pattern. I’d never done a provisional cast-on before or knit cables, but that was surprisingly easy to learn. I also liked the effect a three needle bind-off had on the joining, definitely a clean look.

Also, check out the packaging it came in (I’m a sucker for presentation). I think I’ll knit either the Markham Collar or Welland Sweater next, and probably pick up Volume 2 soon which just finished it’s first round of printing.

Smalltalk (Four Tet remix) by Ultraísta 


  1. It looks really great, Kate. I have only knit one pattern from that book, though I have yarn ready to do the Markham and Simcoe in between bigger projects sometime soon. I think various knitalongs and gifts have distracted me from it, but your headband is definitely making me want one.

  2. Looks great! I literally just found out about this company myself through Frankie magazine. Nice to hear the patterns are do-able and fantastic looking. Nice cables!

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