‘The Red Man’ Petit Point

August 8, 2013


NanaTo think I thought embroidery looked tedious… This is a petit point my Nana did of an Indian chief called The Red Man. If you’re wondering what petit point is, I understand it to be a more intricate form of needlepoint using very small, fine stitches on single threads of canvas or cloth (if you can give me a better explanation, please do!). The results, as you can see, are extremely detailed.

My Nana grew up in a small town called Preeceville in Saskatchewan, her backyard overlooking teepees on the neighbouring First Nations reserve. I suppose this sparked a cultural fascination, as my mum tells me she choose this pattern because the Chief embodied strength and power to her.

To me, this piece represents incredible patience and precision. Two valuable skills which are all too often hard to come by.

// Left: my Nana in Calgary, Alberta 1943







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